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I am Niagara R2, AX, and N4 certified. I am familiar with the depths of the latter two, having written custom program objects to speed up large-scale integrations such as the linkage between VAVs and lighting occupancy sensors at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. I have deep knowledge and experience with the FOX protocol and networking between Niagara devices.

I have installed and managed > 30 JACE systems and have done campus-wide evaluations of supervisor installations.

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Got an integration problem? Need your BACnet BBMD's configured correctly? Need advice on how to troubleshoot a broken bus? Need an extra hand with product selection?

I have six years of field experience in building automation. I was the Branch Technical Specialist at Honeywell's Markham branch, providing sales advice and direct troubleshooting for key sites. I provided technical support and mentoring for field technicians. I delivered projects that required my software development background and had a high degree of technical risk, and I distilled complicated technical problems down to the basics for customers and management.

BACnet was the protocol I worked with the most, either via MS/TP over RS-485 or BACnet-IP over a hospital network with countless mis-configured third party devices and strict network security.

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Modbus is one of the simpliest protocols you’ll find in the field. It’s the closest protocol “to the metal” of the chip on a controller since it often just directly exposes the controller’s memory. There’s no point discovery here; there are no point names or descriptions to help you integrate. All you have are datasheets and fat-finger data entry. There are hardly even data types.

The labour involved with Modbus integration can be high since point configuration is so tedious. When working with a Modbus controller it is very important to have accurate documentation of its:

  • addressing convention,
  • register layout,
  • and data formatting descriptions.

As a software developer that understands how memory on embedded devices works, I'm not phased by the technical aspect. As a building automation specialist with 6 years of field experience, I've seen plenty of devices. I've done it over RS-422, RS-485, and IP.

If you need a guiding hand with your Modbus integration, reach out!

Building automation controllers are designed to be programmed by technicians that do not have professional programming experience. Unfortunately this often results in messy spaghetti-code that works but is incredibly difficult to troubleshoot, resulting in hours wasted on service calls and lower customer confidence.

As a professional programmer with field experience as a building automation specialist, I know how to program controllers for ease of service. Let me build your foundation so your technicians can focus on customer service instead of untangling spaghetti.

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Matthew Scheffel is a professional software developer with 6 years of BAS field experience. He is Tridium R2, AX, N4 certified. Matt is available for contract work that requires BAS and software development expertise.